Friday, March 12, 2010

Will I Ever Make It?

A good friend of mine sent me an e-mail this week and in it she asked me, "Will I ever make it Denise?" I was more than a little surprised to see this question coming from her. She's a published writer whose books grace the shelves of prominent bookstores and public libraries. And yet, somehow in her mind, she believes she hasn't made it yet. I wonder how many of us ask ourselves the same question, if only in the privacy of our own minds. Will I ever make it?

While contemplating my friend's question I was at a loss trying to imagine what would need to happen in her life for her to believe that she'd made it. What circumstance(s) would need to transpire? Would there ever be an external signpost that would be enough? It appeared to me that in the search for the external forms of recognition she was missing out on celebrating the internal wonder of the amazing woman she is in this moment. This truth is not conditional on what she does. If she never wrote another word or had another book published she would still be a wonderful amazing woman.

In case you're answer to my friend was that she'd already made it. She was just waiting for her mind and her body to catch up with what her soul already knows.

Hmmm...did you hear that Denise?? You've already made're just waiting for your mind and your body to catch up with what your soul already knows. I wonder how my writing will shift when I approach it from that perspective?

With much love,

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